We have been asked several times about carrying a fashionable rhinestone bling concealed carry handgun handbag.  Most of the purses for concealed gun or concealed Carry Weapons (CWW) were not very fashionable and they did not have much style for today's sparkling bling fashion.  We now have the bling handgun concealed purses available in many styles from western purses,, cross concealed bags, fleur de lis concealed carry handbags and skull rhiinestone handbags that fit with today's bling  fashion trends.   They come in a variety of colors from turquoise, blue, hot pink, brown, orange, royal blue, black and more.   They also are in a variety of shapes and different styles for the individual woman who want to protect herself by carrying a a handgun.   These are great accessories to add to your concealed handgun carrry apparel  and collection.  If you are looking for a concealed carry purse or handbag you have come to the right place.   We also have matching wallets to accessorize your concealment purse.  varie